Firefox Quantum upgrade lost Profile data

Today, my voidlinux received an upgrade to firefox-esr v52 to v60. I backed up my firefox profile in ~/.mozilla, before starting the new upgraded firefox. In hindsight, this saved my ass.

I noticed firefox upgraded my profile, and certain bits got lost. My major concern was losing all my uMatrix rules. I had this same issue with Gentoo last year when they canned firefox-52.

When asking for help on voidlinux irc, the first response told me to build it myself. That first suggestion had me thinking of going back to gentoo, as my void box is runtime only with no development tools. That led to searching for the pkg build files, and I arrived here.

Voila! Problem solved :)

Download the tar file, extract into /tmp. Re/move upgraded firefox profile, and restore ~/.mozilla from backup. Now I could simply run /tmp/firefox/firefox and it loaded up with my old profile. I could successfully export all my bookmarks, rules, and other required data.

Hopefully, this helps someone in similar situation.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro

Santa gave me a nice gift for this Christmas… a brand new shiny smartphone! I haven't had a new device in many many years. I have always used older discarded technology, if I may add, to great effect. My friends continuously chasing the latest gadgets are a boon to me, as I get their not so new devices which I can then put to good use.

All my current in-use Android devices are stock Eclair or Gingerbread. Subsequently, the manufacturer abandoned any software updates for those models. Custom ROMs have saved those devices from the scrapyard and given them a much longer life. I learned how to DIY. It was an exciting ride, though a bit scary on occasion as I was playing with my daily driver. Many a weekend has been ruined pulling out my hair. Thankfully, I survived along with all those devices.

For now I am still keeping my trusty old smartphone


Perhaps time to revise/update my environment list… This is what I use right now.

file systembtrfs
window manageri3
media playermpv
email clientsylpheed

FlavoursKitKat, GingerBread, Eclair
HomeTinyLaunch 31k
KeyboardMultiling O Keyboard 540k
BrowserNaked Browser 120k
EmailK-9 Mail 4.6m
MapsRMaps 703k
Text EditorEditor 100k
SatNavOsmAnd 76m
MessagingMessenger Lite 7.7m

Have I missed anything?

shell in colours

Sometimes it feels nice to see a bit of colour. One of the most common places is the shell prompt. The concept and usage is the same, whether you want some colour in your prompt or elsewhere.

Typing an Ellipsis or other Special Characters

Sometimes I have a need to type special characters. Some of them aren't obviously represented on my keyboard. Indeed, no physical keyboard can realistically show all Unicode characters.

One of my often used special characters is the ellipsis () which is Unicode character U+2026.

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