Linus Torvalds apology

So, this was a surprise announcement: Linus Torvalds takes a break from Linux!

The last time he took a break, Linus came back with a little tool called "git"! Perhaps he needs to take breaks more often :) and we might get more toys.

It is always productive to "look yourself in the mirror" as often as we can, and reflect on all the Ws. Here's hoping Linus comes out better at the end of all this. We wish him well!

sed quick reference

Continuing on this idea of quick references to aid my memory, the next one is sed: stream editor for filtering and transforming text

My favourite busybox toolkit contains sed too.

vi quick reference

I have a need to refer to some vi commands that I keep forgetting every now and then. My favourite is busybox vi


Say NO to HTTPS, unless there is a very specific requirement like logging in to secure sites.

Most of the World Wide Web is open public information accessible to everyone… Just like you can drive wherever you want on any roads, except some restricted or controlled ones. Trying to make every website secure is like trying to put tollbooths or entry/exit restrictions on every road, and centrally controlling them. Unnecessary overheads become bottlenecks to efficiency, transparency and openness. Somebody somewhere wants to grind an axe. Kinda sorta like this rent-extracting economy masquerading as a free market.

gentoo intel-ucode microcode

gentoo provides a package for intel microcode updates to safely update cpu firmwares. this is how i adapted the gentoo way.

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