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i have been using ratpoison for a few years now, to the exclusion of all others.

my philosphy

as i experience more in life and (hopefully) become wiser by experience, i find that i am leaning towards a particular stance, which seems to be getting stronger with time. i have arrived at this independently, but i also realise that others have trodden this path before (and long before and much more than) me. i find my philosophy epitomised by

Console Ahoy!

I am gravitating more and more towards the console, as I find the keyboard far more handy than the mouse. Also, X apps have a slight overhead over console apps, and I am not that much into bells n whistles, if I can get it done quicker and simpler. Agreed, there is a learning curve, but I find it worth it.

Please suggest your favourite console apps...

The only reason I am listing this is because this is "interesting".


"links2 -g" seems to be good enough for me on most websites, if do I need to go graphical.

CSS Support is lacking, or I don't know how to enable it.

Most websites abuse flash, and I am happy surfing without it. Flash could be a potential(?) problem on links2, but you could create a mime association. I find it easier to pass the link (rather than download it in its entirety) directly to mplayer as an argument. mplayer can play it as it streams in.

I found this tip on a website: "all that's necessary is an entry in ~/.links2/links.cfg:"
association "Flash Player" "application/x-shockwave-flash" "swf-player %"

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