xda: [MOD] Extended power menu


as i couldn't reply to this thread in the xda dev forum, i am posting this here and hoping this might be useful to the developer and/or any users.

as the developer says, i found additional buttons for "Reboot" and "Recovery". i wanted to test the "Recovery" button, hoping to end up in the recovery mode. but the recovery button rebooted my nook, wiped data, performed a factory reset, and restored my original rom instead - all with no warnings or confirmations! so, i have now ended up with a pristine nook, as purchased - all mods lost, including root, etc. :(


sqlite quickstart

prefer sqlite3, not sqlite2 or sqlite

$ sqlite3 --help

batch script like so..

$ sqlite3 -header {database}.db '.schema'
$ sqlite3 settings.db delete from system where name like 'lock%'

.. or interactive

$ sqlite3 {database}.db
sqlite> .show
sqlite> .headers on
sqlite> .databases
sqlite> .tables
sqlite> .tables t%
sqlite> .schema {table}
sqlite> select * from test;
sqlite> update {table} set {column1}=99 where {column2}='red';
sqlite> .exit

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