Discovering zram and replacing all tmpfs

I have just discovered zram[2] :) woohoo... and what a thing that is!

I was so sold on tmpfs, that I used it for everything I possibly could. Since discovering zram, I am using tmpfs for nothing. All my tmpfs needs are met by zram much more efficiently.

Blogger blogspot full-width fluid-design

In this day and age, there is no excuse for webpages to be designed for any particular screen size, other than web-developer apathy, laziness, and/or sheer ignorance (read arrogance). In fact, there never was any reason in the past either.. Just that most developers of yore hand-coded html/css. These days most script-kiddies don't know anything beyond what their point-and-click tool can provide.

gentoo emerge in tmpfs

One of my gentoo pain points has been the extremely (long and) resource intensive emerge for large packages. However, it is expected and many have come up with their own tricks to make this more efficient.

For me, this has been a gradual step-by-step approach, as I encountered these issues and discovered more about Gentoo.

I stated out with my portage configured as default -- compiling everything on the same disk/filesystem mount on my rotating (not ssd) disk. Any emerge affected everything else, which was too invasive to ignore.

I want emerge to run gently in the background, not affecting any foreground tasks.

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