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my *nix adventure: venture to give something back… knowledge shared!

Primary purpose is probably to serve me as a reference to what I have been doing and my reasoning behind it, to aid my memory a few years later, or when disaster strikes and I need to do it all over again.

Secondary purpose is for others to help themselves. This is probably the ethos of the Open Source community. Use the knowledge freely made available by others, build on it, and give it back freely to everyone without reservations.

This blog is a tribute to the Open Source community, and all the individuals behind it! To give something back, I will endeavour to explain what I have learned, and assist with all reasonable queries. Of course, this also depends on whether I know the answer... I will respond to queries or comments, with updates within the post, or in a new post.

PS: I am not a regular poster, and there might not be frequent updates...

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