slackware netinstall

you won't see many docs about minimal netinstall slackware. indeed, you might see many experts saying there is no such thing. and your only option is to download the entire lot. sad, i know!

slackware can be installed over the network without downloading that humunguous recommended dvd. not everyone wants kde, compilers, etc. netinst is very efficient, particularly if you need a minimal install.

if you don't have a dvd-drive to boot, then you are not left with much choice. you also need to consider, if bandwidth is an issue. do you need to download that whole dvd content, if you are only installing a minimal system?

however, if you are a slackware newbie, you might install multiple times before you get it right. in that case, a one-time download might be more efficient. still, unless one is installing all the bells n whistles, an entire dvd worth of installs is a bit ott!

choose a nearby mirror from
ps: the main mirrors - | - are throttled and may ban you, if you connect multiple times. so choose another mirror.

go to /slackware-current/usb-and-pxe-installers
download usbboot.img

ignore all of that, but create your usb bootable slackware installer.
boot it, and start setup.

when asked to choose your install source media, select "4 Install from FTP/HTTP server"

server is your mirror from above. for eg,

location is the directory containing PACKAGES.TXT. for eg, /slackware/slackware-current/slackware/

that's it!

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