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This blog is a reference for me, a knowledgebase of what I have learnt, and my reasoning behind it, hopefully to aid my memory later, if/when disaster strikes and/or I need to do it all over again. Hence, the concise write-ups :)

This blog could be a reference and/or knowledgebase for you too. This is probably the ethos of Open Source. Use knowledge acquired by others, freely given to everyone, to build on, and give it back.. freely to everyone. Shame on those who seek to profit, without contributing back!

This blog is also a tribute to the Open Source community, and all those anonymous individuals selflessly devoted to making this world a better place for everyone!

Here I will document some of my experiences, try to explain what I have learnt, and assist with any reasonable queries. Feel free to comment or message me.

I now focus on translating my systems understanding towards enabling large-scale business transformation.

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