irc chat

i have long evaded this extremely useful service on linux, as i couldn't get linux irc clients to work properly.

long ago, i was hooked on irc in windows using a multitude of clients, but primarily pirch and mirc.

linux and my recent fascination with minimalism have precluded me even looking at bloatwares. i started off on tinyirc, imho just perfect. but, for the life of me, i couldn't figure out how to make it work. it seemed to work, but i couldn't connect to any network.

then i started using scrollz, which worked for me. but i didn't feel comfortable enough, as i couldn't get use to scrollz and a lack of documentation floating around.

i recently tried irssi... eureka! i remember my days with pirch/mirc and i'm suddenly back in business. i need to learn a bit more about getting mileage from irssi...

i seemed to be gradually moving from smaller to larger irc clients. i've even managed to make the quirky tinyirc work now, and it is just perfect for me. i'll be going back to tinyirc later, and use it exclusively. for now, it is irssi and tinyirc!

irc servers

irssi startup doc

newbie docs

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