Poor man’s SSD

re: Poor man's SSD, K.Mandla's blog post, and my comments:

Inspiring article, Mr Mandla!

I have been using a 256M usb key, loaded with damnsmalllinux, for the best part of 4yrs now. I have a Citrix client on it for work purposes. I converted to TinyCoreLinux last year.

This USB would boot where ever I could, despite concerns voiced by fellow experts about the doom-and-gloom for continuous writes to flash devices. Till date, I haven't known any data issues.

Perhaps, I’m just lucky with this drive, but I've also had no data issues with any of my usb keys yet. And I have a dozen plus, used for different purposes. And btw, before you ask, mine is one of those cheap usb keys. I think it was the cheapest I could find at that time.

So, I have my PC on a key, which just needs some hardware to boot. How cheap can you get? I don’t care what I hardware I am working on, if it can boot usb. I travel around fairly frequently, and I find this very useful, along with your Plop Boot floppy. Thanks for that article too!

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