android boot animation

i took the t-mobile stock and removed all images. having no animation reduces the disk usage, and speeds up boot.
then i happened upon this simple, not too large, neat animation by fusion0306. now, i'm split between the two, ie having no animation or having a simple animation.

rooting the pulse

two steps:

1. flash the recovery image

2. flash the system image

custom rom

Check the link above for a fantastic post#5 in the thread, looking at the innards of android. I hit this very late after, I had rooted and hacked my android, removing unnecessary built-in apps and tweaking some configs. I am a fan of minimalism. I need to revisit this...

android fonts

I can't view any non-english characters. I am told that android 2.2 resolved this issue. I won't be able to get Froyo soonish. So I have to live with this issue for the time being.

My workaround has been to use Opera Mini with fonts being rendered on the server. I can read many sites, though not all.

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