ring delay
The ring delay was getting me very frustrated, as I would only find out who was ringing on the 4th-5th ring. These tweaks below will eliminate the ring delay. But I still find a delay for the contact/number coming up by the 3rd-4th ring.

add/edit these lines in /system/build.prop
# disable ring delay

market fix
add the following lines and remove/comment out the corresponding lines, in /system/build.prop
# fix market apps 2.1-update1 ERE27 24178 release-keys

wifi fix
This should stop the wi-fi scanning continously. When I want, I can do a manual scan.

add/edit these lines in /system/build.prop
# time between known AP scans in seconds

low battery
add the following to /system/build.prop

This hasn't really eliminated the low-battery warnings, or the shutdown when battery is low. But, I suppose, I'm no worse off...

I discovered HelixLauncher while hunting for smaller and faster launchers. Neither launcherpro nor adw fit the bill, as both are humungous in comparison. Their only seeming advantage seems to be eye-candy. And I am more concerned about efficiency in terms of space and power.

HelixLauncher at v1.2a seems to be quite stable. After using helix for sometime and not having any issues at all, I removed the default launcher Launcher.apk from /system/app/ and added helix into /system/app/. I am still looking for smaller and sleeker launchers, if anyone can suggest.

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