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just read a comment by Tomáš Pospíšek in a blog. I have been thinking about this recently and couldn't have put it much better. So I quote verbatim:

I can see that additional daemons running idle in the background (“background”, for “the casual” user and D-Bus seem lately to be indicative of “without any no documentation at all”) are even further cluttering up the system. I can also see, that it will add a few layers of communications, and hard to see protocols. Unfortunately I fail to see, what good such a daemon is good for at all.

$ ps auxw|wc
186 2242 18356

Very far from KISS. And since KISS is also a aesthetic system quality, having 186 processes running on a plain desktop system with only 11 user visible applications is quite ugly.

I’d argue that one of the main dangers of Linux is that it is acquiring all the bad properties that Windows had in the past: nothing is documented, nothing is transparent, everything is binary or in some undocumented protocol that can’t be dumped into a text editor, nothing is meant to be touched by the user directly, but only through some GUI thing( which connects to a message bus, which connects to a daemon, which changes some registry, which triggers some helper, that … etc.)

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