Opera cpu/memory leaks and Flash

i have been a long term user of opera, as i like it's light resource demands. one particular concern has been the long running issue of cpu/memory leaks. opera seems to continue consuming cpu/memory as it runs longer. so you need to periodically *restart* it. this problem exacerbates after visiting websites with flash. sometimes, it gets so bad, that i have to kill -9 ... i usually disable plugins, or only enable on-demand. but there are times when i need flash.

$ ps ux | grep opera
gives some clue. seems to me that opera plugin handling is badly written, when I see
note the double slashes in the path, instead of a single slash.

i found some others having similar problems. perhaps they might help. although, they seem to be historical issues, i still have problems with opera 11.51, the latest release.

>> extremely high CPU usage by opera plugin wrapper process http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1288274

>> build 4464 (intel linux) and operapluginwrapper http://www.archivum.info/opera.beta/2009-07/00030/build-4464-(intel-linux)-and-operapluginwrapper.html

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