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i am on a constant quest for more efficient apps. soon as i find one, i change over. efficiency means smaller code, focussed approach. leaner code is cleaner code is more efficient code. a program with 100 lines of code is better than a program with 10,000 lines of code.

i strongly prefer working from the console, if i can. i fire up x, only only when i use gui apps. i'm gradually migrating to the console, which is where it all started! :-)

what do i currently use? read on for a summary...

os: emdebian, debian testing, tiny core, arch
wm: dwm, ratpoison, sscrotwm?, spectrwm, tinywm, evilwm
browser: elinks-lite, links2, opera, iceweasel, uzbl
pdf: epdfview, xpdf, zathura
image viewer: sxiv, qiv
editor: leafpad
term emulator: pterm, st
screenlock: slock, xtrlock

mux: tmux, screen
editor: busybox vi, nano-tiny
file mgr: links2, ncdu,
pager: most
mail: mutt
rss: newsbeuter
irc: irssi
torrent: rtorrent
multimedia: mplayer2, mplayer no-gui
iradio: shell-fm
mixer: rexima
downloader: axel
cd/dvd writer: wodim
android: adb

virtualisation: kvm, qemu

the crossed ones were preferred at one time. i still like their philosophy, which is why they are on this list. i might yet go back, if the scales tip again. after using screen & ratpoison for years, i have recently migrated to tmux & spectrwm respectively. same for some others too. hence, this post... :-)

since, busybox is installed. i tend to use most of the busybox applets instead of the debian default utils which i purge to reclaim space. i find that smaller apps are quicker using less memory/diskspace.

i am waiting for emdebian to mature on x86. i'll migrate to emdebian with kvm! :-)

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