all that glitters..??

"Never buy low serial numbers." Easy advice to give, but hard to follow. Witness the modern-day genius of pre-marketing: every time a neat new hi-tech gadget gets announced, a virtual army of unsuspecting consumers turns out to pay for the privilege of becoming beta-testers. Egging them on are "reviewers" (possibly hired shills), who write glowing reviews of the as-yet unmanufactured product in question. Occasionally, we are treated to videos of consumers camping out overnight in front of an electronics store for the privilege of being first in line to purchase a shiny new experimental gizmo that the manufacturer needs to get rid of before a greatly-improved version 2.0 is launched a few months later...

I could haven't have written it any better than Robert Storey, as above.

i found an old .iso in my archives. wondering why i had it in the first place, i started exploring it... i am most impressed by WattOS R4. i couldn't believe how fast it boots, how efficient it's footprint is, and still functional. i have it installed now and think i am going to keep it.

i am using wattos4 as a browser appliance - extremely nimble and fast. who would have believed it from an ubuntu base! so, i plonked for it's latest iteration WattOS R6, and found it to be slightly worse than wattosr4.

i have reviewed antix before, but i can't recollect. i will have a look and update this post here.

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