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my last post was about my preferred ssh-server. and this post is about my preferred ssh-clients.

ssh-client configuration has to be done at both endpoints - (i) ssh-client computer, and (ii) ssh-server.

dbclient is included within dropbear.

$ dbclient ssh-user@ssh-server
$ scp -S dbclient source-file ssh-user@ssh-server:/directory

though dbclient is very efficient, you might find it lacking sometimes. i couldn't figure out how to forward X.
also, if you do not have dropbear installed, you might not want to install the dropbear server, just to get dbclient.

i much prefer putty, and specifically the cmdline putty-tools. they are a bit quirky to get right the first time. but once setup correctly, you'll love 'em. i like them also because they are much smaller and efficient than openssh-client, the supposedly defacto standard.
putty, though, is very much the defacto choice on windows. there aren't many alternatives.

$ pscp source-file ssh-user@ssh-server:/destination-directory
$ plink ssh-user@ssh-server

enable X!! forwarding
$ plink -X ssh-user@ssh-server
$ xeyes

enjoy! :-)

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