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debian testing jessie was steam rolling in to stable with talks of this oh-so-wonderful systemd. it all sounded so good.. then i wanted a preview at the internals of systemd, and took arch for a spin. and o boy, what a spin that was.. for my poor head! that was when i decided not to let that garbageware into my stables. it never was (and still isn't) stable, is it? this long love affair with debian, seems to be coming to an end with this episode!

systemd - the shameful episode in debian annals - forcing the debian tc (technical committee) to make a dodgy decision without giving them proper choices or time - three of the five tc resign soon after, and the debian founder allegedly commits suicide after having received death-threats! wonder who's pulling the debian strings??

for now, i shall continue rolling with wheezy to oldstable, then maybe to oldoldstable, and then perhaps to it's grave! meanwhile, i'm looking at alternatives.. openbsd, crux, alpine, slackware. they remind me of debian's younger days.. when i started with potato.

meanwhile, there are lots of behind the scenes developments in the debian land of now dodgy developers trying to sneak in systemd to even those who definitely do not want it. what a change in the attitudes of open source proponents! maybe microsoft strategy is winning here??

i've had to reinstall wheezy from scratch. and the first thing to do was making sure systemd is not welcome here.

# vi /etc/apt/preferences.d/systemd

Package: *systemd*
Pin: origin ""
Pin-Priority: -1'

this ensures that any packages dependant (even indirectly) on systemd will not get installed overtly or covertly, thereby pulling in systemd garbage litters.

for now, the strategy is to install debian wheezy minimal, do the above, and follow through building the rest of the system. do not upgrade to jessie.. sadly, the latest and the greatest are not always the best for us!

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