debian to gentoo

as debian builds more & more complexity/layers obscuring internals from users, i get more & more disillusioned by the current crop of debian decision-makers. jessie, the current debian stable seems no longer stable, and an unstable init at it's core.

wheezy is/was the last stable version gone oldstable now. oldstable is expected to be even more stable than stable. but recent updates have littered wheezy with systemd and ubuntu garbage including upstart. even oldstable has had more than a few days downtime recently, due to buggy updates. sad debian :(

i used to like arch. but i'm very much not into bleeding edge! hence wheezy :)

i think i'll keep my debian locked on oldstable now.

my wheezy setup is very bare. most debian components have been ripped out, and replaced with busybox or bsd alternatives which are much leaner, cleaner & simply more efficient. going forward:
runit (like in void)
busybox (like in alpine)

my search for debian alternatives continues.. many iterations of back & forth.. and now looking towards gentoo. i guess i'm on a quest towards leaner cleaner systems.. further embracing unix philosophy.


i'm awed at how flexible & open gentoo wants to be! and very inspired by the gentoo philosophy & social contract.

gentoo install handbook:
read all of it. skim through what you don't understand, but don't skip any parts.
now read again the bits you find interesting.
finally read all of the installation section. if you didn't understand any part, re-read it or research elsewhere till all makes sense.
if not, gentoo is not for you!
download two files: install-x86-minimal-{date}.iso stage3-i686-{date}.tar.bz2

gentoo suggests install from bootcd. but many alternative install methods are also offered. i'm most impressed by the wildly flexible options available, and documented! seems like they care, and i feel like i want to put my lot behind them..

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