gentoo phase 2

My first attempt boosted confidence in gentoo (and it's community) beyond expectation. So much that the debian to gentoo transition continues to gather pace.

In all my systems, I have always replaced the full fledged (bloatware?) tools with minimal busybox, wherever I could. Busybox is stable, and fulfils all my requirements rather nicely. This led me to voidlinux which has that same ethos in it's core. It is a great booster that gentoo could satisfy me on this count too.

I am quite a fan of minimal systems. Any features over and above that I actually use is bloatware. A perfect efficient system is one from which you can't take out anything more, rather than one you can't add anything more.

So the next phase of my gentoo adventure continues.. with gentoo uclibc on my main rig. Will this satisfy my minimal tendencies?

Update: Gentoo wiki tells me that uClibc is a dead project now, and migration to uClibc-ng begins 01-Oct-2016. Unfortunately, there is no simple migration path.

So this Phase 2 goes on hold till then, and perhaps a bit later as i watch from the sidelines for initial hiccups. I am not really a fan of bleeding-edge.

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