Devuan releases a candidate.. finally!!?

The Register has just published4: "systemd-free Devuan Linux hits version 1.0.0".

My views on systemd still stand. I was hoping to be proved wrong, perhaps in the long-run. But sadly what I see, has only just served to entrench those views. Gnome & systemd proponents are imposing a bad attitude on the open-source philosophy, trying to hijack & lock out everything else outside their ecosystem. Everything in their ecosystem seems to be completely dependent on them. Hence why I prefer not even attempt to use those two.

Arch was the first casualty.. quickly followed by Debian. It is amazing how code maintainers seem to have become gods wrt users. My long journey through alternatives.. seems to have ended with gentoo, which seems to have become my only choice for now. However, I still need a few alternatives to recommend to others not that technical or keen to spend time getting to know internals. Now, I think I have something in that stack with Devuan, which has just released a stable release candidate (1.0.0-RC)3. "If all goes as planned, this will be our first Devuan stable release and our first long term support (LTS) release as well."

The Devuan story began with a vision to fork debian2 - "Devuan should be a minimal, stable system which honors Debian history and embraces innovation while maintaining backwards compatibility and interoperability."

The Debian decision-makers of that time spread so much FUD, when they decided it was systemd or nothing1. A "one-size-fits-all vision" only fits the decision-makers. There are alternatives. There are always alternatives. There should always be alternatives.

I might wait a while till the RC becomes final. I don't need to, as I expect a smooth transition henceforth.. to final and LTS. If anyone is thinking of debian, try devuan instead.


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