Bootable USB

I used mkdosfs to create a FAT16 filesystem. I want to use this stick anywhere.

Then I used dd to wipe the MBR.

I wanted to use grub on this stick. But, try as I might, I couldn't get it to boot on the PCs that I have.

Finally, I settled down with the restricted version of syslinux. Now, my usb stick seems to boot most PCs.

Voila! I have my entire desktop on a keyring, and can carry with me everywhere.

As long as the owner of any computer allows me, I stick this into a USB port, and boot to my own desktop. It looks the same, and acts the same, no matter where I am or what hardware I use, if it boots... And I have been able to boot most PCs, laptops, thin clients, etc. Plus, an added bonus is that nothing "on" that PC is disturbed!

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