I tried many distros, before finally settling down with DSL. I hate bloatware, and most OSs seem to be going that way.

I don't want an all-singing all-dancing solution, that does everything in the world, including making tea and everything else your wife would do for you... I know what I will need, and don't want anything more than that. Especially if I have to carry a wardrobe around to fit it.

DSL is small, sleek, fast, and does exactly what it says on the box. The core design philosophy restricts it from getting bigger than 50Mb, so it would always focus on functionality, rather than bells n whistles.

Those who want everything-under-the-sun can keep buying the lastest offerings from M$! I was more than happy with Win95. In fact, I still have it on an old laptop.

The main advantage of DSL is hardware detection and compatibility, since it is derived from knoppix. This enables me to use my stick on most hardware.


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