DSL??? NOT!!!

I stopped using DSL on a regular basis, a few months ago. By now, I am not using it at all. One of the reasons is DSL maintainers moving away from the stated core aim of keeping it within 50M. DSL is on the road to becoming bloatware, so it seems. Although, this personally shouldn't matter much, as I have never kept up with their latest versions. I continued with DSL3, and never liked DSL4 much. The older versions were more than sufficient for me.

Never too keen on updating my system with the latest snazziest versions as soon as they come out, I have always preferred a stable desktop, which allows me to concentrate on being productive. Hence, my choice to go with Debian stable. I have been using Debian oft and on for about a decade now. I recently wiped my older laptop with DSL, and a minimal install of Debian Etch took that place. I am continuing to use this almost the same way as I was using DSL. But, I have more flexibility now. Plus, it seems to be much faster than DSL, and even my shiny M$ laptop.

DSL 3.3 might continue to remain in my stables for some time. I won't be using it much, and will probably phase it out. Here ends my DSL saga!

A very worthy contender seems to be emerging...

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