I have had a long standing on-off relationship with debian going back to the potato years. I had tried many distros, but for whatever reason kept coming back to debian eventually. I have revived that affair again, and I must say I like it. I don't know, if it is due to my familiarity with this distro. I tried ubuntu for a few days, and came back to debian very quickly. Ubuntu is bloatware and targetting at n00bs. I've possibly gone past that stage, and I probably know what I want and don't. I'm still not an expert yet, but I'm getting there...

A minimal barebones install of ubuntu was almost twice that of debian, not to mention that the minimum requirements stink. I couldn't even get the ubuntu installer to start on my older laptop. I am using this notebook as a stop gap for now. With 64M memory and 1G partition, this debian setup with X, firefox, flash, mplayer, audacity, rtorrent, some small games and most things I need, fit within *500M* disk-space. i only use a 1G partition for debian! Can you beat that? Of course, I can't run everything together at the same speed as my M$ workstation, but it is okay for taking to bed! ;-)

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