Re: Dear LazyWeb, please help persuade my dad to move to Linux

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Dear LazyWeb, please help persuade my dad to move to Linux

I just stopped giving free support to them if they run Windows. I don't run Windows. I don't care about Windows. If they want to keep running Windows, they can do so and there are a number of places they can buy support or they can bug someone else to fix their problems for them. If, on the other hand, they want to run Linux, I'll gladly do the support.

Solves my problems two ways: less support annoyance if they go with Linux and I keep supporting them, or less support annoyance if they stick with Windows and I don't have to support them anymore. Catch-11. :) response:
Interestingly, I have never really had to support my dad with his Windows installation. As far as I know, for the most part it has just worked. It is only now, when his Windows installation has come to the end of its life, that I have had to offer any help. I have offered to install Linux. I have not and will not offer to look at fixing his ageing XP installation, but only because I know it would be a pointless exercise. Thank you for your comment. :)

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