Re: Dear LazyWeb, please help persuade my dad to move to Linux

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Dear LazyWeb, please help persuade my dad to move to Linux

"I get the feeling that my dad would be more inclined to accept advice from a PC World salesman than he would from me."

If that is the case, my advice would be to take your dad to PC World! Show him some of the Linux netbooks, and get the salesman to convince your dad why he might like them. :-)

BTW, I have converted two of my family to Linux. Last Christmas, a cousin who always complains about his PC, got his Windows replaced by Ubuntu. Last month, another who has had me spend many many hours sorting his PC, got the same treatment. They are both happy bunnies now… and perhaps evangelists in their own accord! :-)Joseph response:
does PC World still sell netbooks with Linux? I know they did a year or so ago, but my understanding is that Linux has been discontinued by most netbook manufacturers? Either way, I think the chances of being able to find a salesman in my local PC World that can talk about the merits of Linux are pretty slim. :( Good job on converting your cousins to Ubuntu and thank you for the comment! :)

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