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... Continued from previous post: Modified kernel with netfilter enabled for droidwall

antonio, i'm looking at both the kernels, and i think your kernel is too big, and that's why we get a write error at the end. since, it hasn't completely written, the boot can't find the kernel intact. if you can reduce your kenel size, i think that should solve the problem.

AntonioPT: Yeah my latest kernel does not work in a U8220 (only in 8230). The latest working kernel is from commit 9795cb6.

I'm sorry for not being around in the forums helping people out and working on the .29 and the .32 kernel port.

antonio replied back in another thread to confirm that his "commit 9795cb6" kernel should work on u8220.

i have just flashed that kernel, and tested droidwall. everything seems to be working so far. i'll recommend using this kernel for its frewall support with netfilter enabled.

this kernel is much smaller, whereas his latest kernel is much bigger than the standard u8220 kernel. this leads me to suspect that kernel size bigger than the actuall flash will fail. i'll do a few more tests and report here...

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