downsizing android

i have been on a continuous quest to reduce resource requirements. i think this is affecting my personal life too - simplifying my own demands is making me live happier :) but, back to the topic on hand - android!

i have tpt'd yet again, and now have a 120m /system, with a whopping 334m for /data. i don't know how to repartition to an arbitrary size, or i would reduce /system further. i would very much like to reduce /system to 100m and use the rest for /data. i only use 101m in /system. so i stuff some .apks in there, to not waste free space.

lots of bloatware have disappeared from /system/app (most google bloatware) and /system/media (any >50k). google apps should be kept in /data/app, rather than /system/app. i have replaced many apps with older (much smaller) and more efficient apps. i don't need the latest greatest features, particularly those i don't need or use or the battery-drains.

apps which have been trashed are listed below:
google play -> replaced by google market 1.82 (613k)
google maps -> replaced by waze & rmaps
google search
google talk -> replaced by slick
gmail -> replaced by k-9 mail
email -> replaced by k-9 mail
home apps

apps which i have added for core functionality
simple home

i uninstall google play/market apps and replace them by their equivalent open-source apps from f-droid. i routinely replace apps of larger size by smaller size equivalents. i have 225 apps installed, which i could not dream of previously. almost all apps are installed in /data, except a very few on /sdcard. i still use the original 2g sdcard.

my battery lasts about 4 days now!! :D

update: i have found some devs maintaining roms with the same thoughts

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