rom downgrade (Android 2.3.5)

have you ever downgraded? was it too painful to switch from more to less?

i believe, less is more! more than what you really need or actually consume is inefficient & wasteful. i keep learning from experience... bloatware (in any way, shape, or form in life) cripples us!!

i miss my old nokia phones. i could charge those, and not worry about battery running out for about a week and then some... :-)

i like my smartphone, and without it now i would feel handicapped. what a change from the good old days, eh? all you could do was call or text... now that is something we do the least on our phone.

yet, this is called a smartphone for a reason - it needs to be a phone first & foremost, and then the rest of it's smartness is just the icing on top. when i carry it around, the most important priority is for it to be available to receive/make calls. if the battery does not last long enough, because some google (or another) app wants to continue running or transfer your data sneakily in the background, my requirement has failed!

hence why i'm on a continuous mission to prune my phone of bloatware. the more stuff sneakily running in the background, the less useful it becomes to me.

this next episode downgrades my android phone from 2.3.7 to 2.3.5. i'd been thinking for a long while to go back to the manufacturer's stock rom, and prune it down ending up with only what i really use. at the very least, i will have a stable platform with optimum battery use. the next best thing is a mod of the stock rom, improved(?) upon by folks like more experienced.

so my journey takes me to the Swedish Snow. read more about it at KonstaT is a highly respected developer. i like him particularly because he is ruthless with bloatware like me. bells n whistles are nice-to-haves, but only after primary requirements are satisfied.

i chose his all-in-one tpt install, which will downgrade my clockworkmod recovery from v5.0.2.0 to i am not sure what i will lose, but cwr can be easily flashed again. if you find a changelog for clockworkmod, please let me know.

this tpt further slims down /system leaving more for /data. /system should be static, and only used for frozen apps, not for volatile apps like google apps which ideally should be in /data. as market insists on putting yet another update in /data, we have no need for apps in /system too, especially when /system space is kept limited. my internal storage will be re-partitioned to 128m /system, 326m /data, 2m /cache.

my partition layout with cm7.2 is 138m /system, 316m /data, 2m cache. if i wanted to keep this layout, i need not have used the tpt install. it so happens that my system is <128m. i am hoping to keep this partition size if/when i change roms again. i will need to remember to prune (easily done) any roms before i install. if i was not using the tpt method, i'd just flash the rom from recovery. since i want a clean slate, i'd format each partition, except /sdcard!
clockworkmod recovery -> mounts and storage -> format ...
NOTE: DO NOT FORMAT /sdcard! did you hear that?

so we have the tpt downloaded into the root of sdcard. now unzip that file.
$ unzip

now we are ready to proceed. all systems go!

step 1:
first things first: take a full nandroid backup of the whole system... remember the milk?
pull this backup off the phone, just in case :-)
$ adb pull /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/

now read this whole post from top to bottom, and undertand it, before you do anything.

step 2:
power off the phone. pull the battery out for >10s.

press & hold volume+ menu power buttons, till you see green text on the screen. skip the rest of this step.

if you see the green android, this didn't work. repeat step2 again.

if your tpt is corrupt, step2 will not be successful. recreate/download your tpt again. verify the checksums yourself.
$ md5sum -c nandroid.md5

tpt reference:

step 3:
enjoy your new rom! :-)

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