android wifi priority

does your android device always connect to some non-preferred wifi network, when your preferred wireless network is still available? then read on…

usually force connecting to your preferred wifi network should allow android to allocate wifi priority. if you keep reconnecting to other non-preferred wifi networks, diagnose and rule out router/channel issues.

android allows you to specify the priority of every wifi network. don't be fobbed off by ignorant people telling you it can't be done. nothing is impossible… we just need to look beyond the obvious and the nay-sayers.

if you are not technical or don't want to root or hack code in a text file, find someone who can or find a suitable app. i don't usually recommend apps, unless they are open-source and not bloatwares.

ok, let's start… by now, you might have guessed that we need root and a text editor. you will be using root access to modify a text file. if you understand this, the rest is easy.

the file you want is /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf and you are looking for priority=

stop your wifi, if it is running. use your preferred method to edit/save this file. you might need to reboot.


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