nook simple touch

this device has been makes waves among the developer community, since barnes & noble reduced the list price to £29. since i'm not an early adopter, i waited a while, till the first lot did some testing for me and produced relatively positive feedback.

i went in to my local curry's, and found that company probably not particularly keen on long-term survival. good assistants, probably useless senior management. so i hopped across to the argos next-door, and ordered one for home-delivery in two days. argos waived the delivery charges, as it was not in-stock. excellent all-round service, and i went back to them for nook accessories too.

my motivations for buying this device:
1. mature developer community / open-source / android
2. e-ink screen -- good for my eyes :-)
3. battery life -- 2mths !?
4. value for money -- £29

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