nook backup

nobody needs to be reminded of the significance of backups. usually never needed, but when they are, you're in a do or die!

my backup strategy is to backup every new device, soon as i get my hands on it. and then, before every significant change. sometimes, i might just take two backups and compare them.

nook community has made the backup process rather straightforward.

download noogie.img from either: (recommended)

extract .img, if you downloaded the .gz
$ gunzip noogie.img.gz

write .img to a spare sdcard. note: sdcard contents will be erased.
# dd if=noogie.img of=/dev/sd? bs=1M

1. power-off the nook
2. insert noogie sdcard
3. power-on the nook
4. usb connect to computer
5. backup/restore disk/partition

depending on your os/preferences, your step #5 might be different. restore process is the same.

i use debian, and find the standard nix utils to be the best, most efficient, and universal.

to backup
# dd if=/dev/sdb of=backup.img bs=1M

to restore
# dd if=backup.img if=/dev/sdb bs=1M

gzip the .img, ensuring integrity and save diskspace
$ gzip -9 backup.img

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