fortune bible

probably not to everyone's tastes, but may generate some ideas for others ;)

i grew weary of the random quotes, and wanted something more inspirational O:) has a KJV Bible formatted for fortunes. download & extract it to /usr/share/games/fortunes.

#! has fortunes pre-installed. if you don't have fortunes installed
# apt-get install fortune-mod

now you can get a random bible verse
$ fortune bible
add this to ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc to get it automatically every time you login to the console or start a shell.

to get it to pop up in a notification
$ notify-send "KJV Bible" "$(fortune bible)"
add this to your x startup file to get popup notification automatically at startup. call it with a sleep delay if you don't want this to be the first popup at the start.

i used xfce4-notifyd-config to change my notify theme to greybird, which looks like waldorf but also bolds the summary heading.

you can also get this to popup every few mins/hrs, like i have in my .xsession
while notify-send --urgency=low --icon=/usr/share/pixmaps/geany.xpm "KJV Bible" "$(fortune bible)"; do sleep 30m; done &
or you can put this line to your openbox autostart in .config/openbox/autostart

ok, now i would like your help with some shell scripting:
$ fortune bible
Better is the poor that walketh in his integrity, than he that is
perverse in his lips, and is a fool.
-- Proverbs 19:1

the output is a verse split into one or more lines, followed by a line with lots of spaces, then "--" and the "verse number".

how could i extract the verse (in this case, first two lines) and the verse number (in this case, "Proverbs 19:1", third line after --) into two variables?

what i want to do is
$ notify-send "$verse-number" "$verse"

update: thanks to porkpiehat, i have a script for my requirement.

verse=$(fortune bible | tr "\n" " " | xargs --null)
notify-send --urgency=low --icon=/usr/share/pixmaps/geany.xpm "${verse#*--}" "${verse%--*}"


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