#! openbox background/wallpaper

i keep only openbox relevant stuff in the openbox/autostart, and moved everything .xsession. this way, i can seemlessly change wm.

my ~/.xsession contains:
hsetroot -solid "#000000" -fill ~/.wallpaper &
exec openbox-session

i have commented out wallpaper settings in ~/.config/openbox/autostart, like so:
## Set root window colour
#hsetroot -solid "#2E3436" &

## Group start:
## 1. nitrogen - restores wallpaper
## 2. compositor - start
## 3. sleep - give compositor time to start
## 4. tint2 panel
#nitrogen --restore && \
cb-compositor --start && \
sleep 2s && \
tint2 \
) &

my problem:
hsetroot in ~/.xsession correctly sets my wallpaper. at some point during openbox startup, the wallpaper settings are reset, and i end up with a blank grey background at the end of openbox startup.

my question:
what/where is this happening?

thanks for the hint to look at openbox configs. i suspected something running from somewhere in my user configs. it is rather strange that openbox would contain hard-coded configs overwriting user settings. i would consider this a bug. would this be openbox upstream or crunchbang specific?

/usr/bin/openbox-session calls
1. /etc/xdg/openbox/environment
2. $HOME/.config/openbox/environment
3. /usr/lib/openbox/openbox-autostart

/usr/lib/openbox/openbox-autostart sets background, resetting any user settings for background/wallpaper. then it calls
1. /etc/xdg/openbox/autostart
2. $HOME/.config/openbox/autostart
3. /usr/lib/openbox/openbox-xdg-autostart

which means that any ~/.xsession settings, conflicting in any of the above files, would be overwritten. openbox expects all user x configs to be within openbox only, which i think is plain wrong.

i have commented out the background color section in /usr/lib/openbox/openbox-autostart, which resolves my op. thanks porkpiehat :)

/etc/X11/openbox/ is yet another directory with openbox configs

i am loathe to edit system configs, as they might conflict with upstream upgrades later when i might not remember what/why i changed something. hence why i keep them pristine, preferring to keep my settings in local user configs. this also help me seemlessly switch wm and/or carry them over to other machines.

would openbox expect users to call ~/.xsession at the end of ~/.config/openbox/autostart? that would be crazy logic :o

ref: http://crunchbang.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=31614

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