ccze making console life colourful

I discovered ccze a few days ago, while looking for something else. And suddenly my console experience has become more richer and fruitier ;) Like me, if you too (like to) spend more time on the console, and like a little bit of colour, you will love ccze.

Your distro might be different. On gentoo:

$ eix -v ccze
[I] app-admin/ccze
     Available versions:  0.2.1-r3^t ~0.2.1-r4^t
     Installed versions:  0.2.1-r3^t(17:46:13 11/08/17)
     Description:         A flexible and fast logfile colorizer
# emerge app-admin/ccze
$ man ccze

       ccze - A robust log colorizer

       ccze [options] <logfile

       This  manual page documents briefly the ccze utility, which is a drop-in replacement for colorize, but written in C, to be faster and less resource-hungry. The goal was to be fully backwards compati‐
       ble, yet superior with respect to speed and features.

Above descriptions describe ccze as intended for logfiles. But I have been using it for almost everything, and it takes whatever I have thrown at it.

Browsing syslog seems almost pleasurable now ;) I have thrown dmesg into ccze. Even ls looks so much better. Compare these below:

Even boring docs come to life :) Browsing is now much quicker and more richer.

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