Google News redesign?

The recent Google News[2] redesign is terrible, atrocious, not fit for purpose... and the internet is fuming. But does the Big G care? Apparently not! We noticed that, when Google Reader was killed. Apparently something in Google changed, when Google Plus was introduced (nay, imposed). Every new Android version from Google, effectively deprecates devices on older Android versions.

That's the price for wanting to live on the Cloud. It's their road, or the highway. Use them, but don't depend on them. Yeah, and before you forget.. Don't be evil!

Certain corporate behaviours turned the rest of the world from Microsoft supporters to haters. Google seems to be approaching that threshold. Even internally too, Google employees are not allowed to question anything.

I have also said this before, Google frontends are as bad as their backends are good.. in every respect. Google frontend apps seem to be badly designed inefficient bloatwares getting worse, while Google backends are so efficiently architected. It beggars belief that they are from the same stables! Google mobile apps are even worse bloatwares than their web apps. Try any lean third-party app, and you will instantly notice the difference in efficiency.

Even though Google doesn't, I still think a feed reader is the most efficient way to consume news, and other blogs of interest. Since I move around quite often, a web based one seems more suitable for me. Having looked at many since Google Reader was killed off, my current recommendation is[1] with nightsky theme, an online RSS Reader with optional dark theme kinder to eyes.

I looked at Yahoo News[4] as an alternative, but that site is crafty with inline adverts masquerading as news headlines. Yahoo spam!

But back to Google News[2] and it's recent incarnation.. Settings won't remember anything I set. You can't hide Top Stories, full of US Propaganda. Imagine a whole page where you can only see two headlines.. duh! The old Google News was beautiful compared to this, and settings were seamless across locations too.

I can't take this anymore :( I need alternatives for whenever my fingers automatically type Even Bing News[4] from those Microsoft stables seems better now.


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