DSL Extensibility

Another advantage of DSL is adding modules to extend/add functionality.

Two apps I always load are screen and ratpoison. Both take a little getting used to. Once I did, I didn't want to use anything else.

Some apps are not designed to WM specs, and ratpoison has issues dealing with such apps. But I rarely use these broken apps, and when I do, I use tmpwm to load jwm temporarily.

With this combination, I never get to see any bells n whistles from the DSL designers. This suits me fine, as I prefer a plain black background, and no dancing bits n bobs on my screen. When I was a newbie, all this was very helpful, and I must confess, allowed me to continue with my linux journey.

I also use citrix client, mplayer-nogui, and qiv. That is just about everything I need, along with busybox. All others are non-essentials for me.

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